Danube Delta Photo Season in June 2014

Normally this time the Danube water level dropping constantly and lakes has denser floating vegetation every day but this June was a bit different. Due to the exceptionally high floods in Bosnia, Serbia in May all this water reached the Danube Delta by early June. Sadly for many species was a tragedy in breeding, like Kingfishers, Common-, Black and Whiskered Terns, Grebes and probably for many more but a bit later they start the breeding again.

KingfisherFemale Kingfisher; many pair start digging a new nesthole in June (Photo: Zoltán Baczó)

Black Tern Black Tern in a new colony site  (Photo: David Mercer)

Whiskered TernWhiskered Tern collecting nest material (Photo: Klaus Theiler)

whiskered ternWhiskered Tern shaking it`s wet feathers in flight (Photo: Zoltán Baczó)

Red-necked GrebeA pair of Red-necked Grebe (Photo: David Mercer)

Black-necked GrebeBalck-necked Grebe (Photo: Klaus Theiler)

Pygmy CormorantSunbathing Pygmy Cormorant (Photo: David Mercer)

White Pelicans were easy photo target throughout June for every group.

MUS_1489kl White Pelican (Photo: Klaus Theiler)

White PelicanYawning White Pelican (Photo: Klaus Theiler)

A special sighting during this month was a family of Raccoon Dogs (Nyctereutes procyonoides) on the river bank when a female with 2 cubs were spotted by us.  They were not scarred by our boat and we had some nice family pictures about these shy mammals.

Raccoon Dog famillyFamily portrait: female Raccon Dog with two cubs in the Danube Delta (Photo: Rosella Gernez)

Famale Raccoon DogFemale Raccoon Dog (Rosella Gernez)

In the Macin Mountain National Park area we had superb moments even in the rainy or overcast days. The drinking hide was good after rainless periods when Golden Orioles come to drink and bath regularly.

golden orioleGolden Oriole (Photo: Stephen Crow)

golden oriolePreening Golden Oriole from the drinking hide (Photo: Stephen Crow)

New for the season was a photographable pair of Roller and the best of all Rufous-tailed Rock Thrush photography! Later is a special breeding bird of the area.

RollerPair of Roller (Photo: David Mercer)

Roller Macin NPMale Roller (Photo: David Mercer)

Rufous-tailed Rock ThrushRufous-tailed Rock Thrush from the Macin NP (Photo: Zoltán Baczó)

At the Black Sea coast Bee-eaters, Collared Pratincoles, Isabelline and Pied Wheatears, Black-headed Buntings, Calandra and Short-toed Larks, Yellow Wagtails were mostly photographed but every year we had some special moments too.

Bee-eaterEuropean Bee-eater was a big favorite for many photographers (Photo: David Mercer)

Collared PratincoleCollared Pratincole (Photo: Stephen Crow)

Pied WeathearMale Pied Weathear (Photo: David Mercer)

Female PiedFemale Pied Weathear (Photo: David Mercer)

Calandra LarkDisplaying Calandra Lark (Photo: Klaus Theiler)

Black-headed BuntingBlack-headed Bunting (Photo: Klaus Theiler)

Ortolan BuntingSinging Ortolan Bunting (Photo: Klaus Theiler)

In a nutshell, June in the Danube Delta area was fantastic, colorfull and very memorable again!

You can find more informations about next year available places in our website.

See you next year!


Sakertour team



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