Early Spirng in the Danube Delta can be very spectacular even if the wheather wasn`t the nicest. Between 13-20 April we have visitied the Danube Delta greater area with a group of Spanish birdwatchers. During this time we witnessed a strong bird migration with birds in every corner of the field. It was a great migration time for herons, passerines, raptors and shorebirds.

We have recorded 171 species among them such goodies like Dalmatian and White Pelican, Whooper Swan,  Black Stork, Red-necked Grebe, migrating Purple Herons, Pallid Harriers (a total of 11 individuals), Red-footed Falcon, Lesser Spotted Eagle, Collared Pratincole, Marsh Sandpiper, Pallas`s Gull, thousands of Little Gulls (aprox. 3500 individuals), freshly arrived Black and Whiskered Terns, Jack Snipe, Long-eared Owl, a pair of nest excavating Lesser Spotted Woodpecker, Black Woodpecker, Citrine Wagtails, Isabelline and Pied Wheatear, Wood Warbler, Collared Flycatcher, Sombre Tit, Ortolan Bunting…

All in all it was a very enjoyable tour and now I would like to share a selection of images made on this tour.


Yours sincerelly,


A group of fish eating birds from the Danube Delta. Great White Pelican, Great Cormorant and Pallas`s Gull often fish together (Photo: Zoltan Baczo)

We have witnessed a fantastic numer of Little Gulls in the inner Delta lakes (Photo: Zoltan Baczo)

Some of the Little Gulls had this beautifull breeding plumage (Photo: Zoltan Baczo)

Pallas`s Gull is a real Danube Delta specialty. Discoverd the breeding 10 years ago and nowdays the number of breeding pairs are slowly growing (Photo: Zoltan Baczo)

First winter Pallas`s Gull (Photo: Zoltan Baczo)

Territorial pair of Red-necked Grebe (Photo: Zoltan Baczo)

Just recently arrived Whiskered and Common Terns (Photo: Zoltan Baczo)

Black tern, Whiskered Tern and Common Tern (Photo: Zoltan Baczo)

Cattle Egret (Photo: Zoltan Baczo)

Penduline Tit in full song (Photo: Zoltan Baczo)

Black-headed Yellow Wagtail (Photo: Zoltan Baczo)

Adult male Collared Flycatcher (Photo: Zoltan Baczo)

Collared Flycatcher on migration (Photo: Zoltan Baczo)

Wood Warbler (Photo: Zoltan Baczo)

Male Lesser Spotted Woodpecker in front of the nesting hole (Photo: Zoltan Baczo)

Booted Eagle soaring above the group on the last day (Photo: Zoltan Baczo)

Adult female Montagu`s Harrier (Photo: Zoltan Baczo)

Immature male Pallid Harrier from the Macin Mountains National Park (Photo: Zoltan Baczo)

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